Color work is progressing on the Daedalus Commission, and as promised, I’m posting a new image now that I have most of the color done on the cliffs and the mid-ground grass and rocks.


I’ve found that, for the rocks and cliff faces, scumbling/dry-brushing in the base colors with no added medium, and then adding detail over the top of that works really well and creates some nice subtle textures. I’ll likely work in the same fashion when I get around to painting the marble.

The only place I used any transparent glaze was to slightly tint the under-painting of the grass and foliage a low-chroma green before proceeding with the mid-tones and highlights. I did thin the paint slightly with a little mineral spirits so it would flow easily off the brush as I painted the grass.  I’m planning on trying a similar technique with Daedalus’ wings when I start working on them tomorrow.