Somehow another week has already passed!  It would be hard to believe if I didn’t have some serious progress on the ‘Young Astronaut’ painting to show for it. But I do!

When last we saw our ‘Young Astronaut’, he had a cool, sort-of-retro, 1950’s thing going on with the black and white. Well, now he is now in full color, and I think it looks pretty good on him…even though his extremely cool space suit is still mostly black and white. I’m digging the contrast between the flesh tones and the blues of the earth.

I spent a lot of time on the likeness. Kids can be tricky to paint because their features are subtle and easily exaggerated. I think this one must have come together pretty well though because my wife, who is usually one of my most brutally honest critics, told me, “It looks great.” More often the feedback would be something like, “I don’t know, Bry. That looks kind of weird. Did you do something to his eyes?” In any event, it was the arguably the most critical part of the painting, and I’m quite happy with it. Now I can comfortably turn my attention to all the fun little details of the cardboard shuttle. When that’s painted, I’ll go back with fresh eyes and a little re-touch varnish, and see if there is anything that needs some fine-tuning.