Ad Astra

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'Ad Astra' (To the Stars') 32 x 40 inches, Oil on Aluminum Composite  2018

Scenic Overlook

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'Scenic Overlook'  24x16 inches, oil on Aluminum Composite  2017 Available for Purchase

‘I’ll Be Outside’

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'I'll Be Outside'  18x24 inches, oil on panel.     Available

Apollo and Luna

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‘Apollo and Luna’ 2016 18×30 inches, oil on aluminum composite - Available

First Light

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A woman surprised by the appearance of a hummingbird while watching the sun rise from her rooftop balcony. This painting is available at [...]


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Themis Urania, the personification of divine order, law, natural law and custom, gazes out over the universe. This painting is available at Quent [...]

Saturn and Dione

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'Saturn and Dione' is a metaphorical composition juxtaposing two dancers representing Saturn and Dione in front of the planet saturn and it's mood Dione...and [...]


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Aurora, goddess of the dawn, draws back the curtains of night.  Completed in 2015.  36 x 40 inches, oil on aluminum composite. This [...]

Light and Shadow


A figure study concentrating on contrast and modeling flesh tones in light and shadow. Completed in 2015.  18 x 30 inches, oil on [...]

Summer Morning


A lovely spot to enjoy a peaceful summer morning. Completed in 2014.  30 x 20 inches, oil on linen. This painting is available [...]