Framing 101 – Part 2 (The Reveal)

Okay, so "Blank Canvas" has been at Tanner Frames for a couple of weeks. It was really fun to pick it up and chat with Travis about the finished product. Whenever you can, shop local, [...]

Framing 101 – Part I

As an artist, every so often I get questions about what happens to a painting after it leaves the easel. Shipping is an important piece of the puzzle. Having the client ecstatic about their [...]

American Art Collector Debut!

TRAC 2019? A curated art show? American Art Collector!? Sweet! As an ancillary event to this past spring’s The Representational Art Conference (TRAC) - 2019, artist Michael Pierce curated a wonderful collection for “The Illusionists,” [...]

Prometheus: Beginning a New Commission Painting

This is an exciting day for me. Today I’m starting actual easel work on a new, large format, commission painting that has been in the works for nearly a year. Last summer, I submitted a [...]

My Current Flesh Tones Palette

I've had quite a few people ask about my flesh tones palette. There are probably nearly as many ways to mix flesh tones as there are artists to mix them, and none is necessarily better [...]

Ad Astra! A finished Painting.

The painting is finished! When last we saw our astronaut, she was painted in full color with the exception of her flight suit. I took two different approaches for the shirt and pants. I painted [...]

Now for the Fun Part…

As much fun as the Earth, the Milky Way, The moon, and the space stations were to paint, and as lovely as they are on in their own right, in this painting their real value [...]

Stars Above, Blue Skies Below

I did finally finish the underpainting, and after a few days the paint had dried sufficiently that the effect of the reflective glare off the brushstrokes was reduced enough for me to get a pretty [...]

A Quick ‘How Far We Can Go’ Progress Report…

Well, it’s been ‘another few days’, and the underpainting is still not finished. My attention for the past week or so has been split between work on this painting and various other projects, not the [...]

Time For Some Under-painting….In Spaaaaaace!

Once I have a final to-scale drawing for the composition finished, the next step in my process is to transfer that drawing to the surface I will be painting on. These days I paint on [...]

Brainstorming a Project

I was asked whether or not I do sketches for a composition before I hire a model or go looking for additional reference material. The answer is, yes. Lots of sketches. Usually, in the process, [...]