In the interest of keeping the easel all warmed up while preparations for the upcoming commissions continue, I did this little drawing for what was to be a 12 x 16 inch painting that could serve as a companion piece to ‘Anticipation’. I love the idea of a kid casually letting his mom know he’ll be playing ‘out in the yard’ as if it is the most normal thing in the world, even if the ‘yard’ is on an airless moon of Saturn.  So I’m calling it ‘I’ll Be Outside’.

My daughter and her friend were hanging out in the studio drawing cats while I was adding some final details to the drawing, and it occurred to me that adding a cat lazing about in the sun by the window would add to the ‘this is totally normal’ feel of the scene.

As happens to me quite often, I got more and more attached to the composition as I worked on it, and by the time it was ready to transfer to the waiting 12 x 16 inch panel, I had decided it needed to be bigger.  So, this resulting underpainting is a lovely 18×24 inches.

I’m guessing this is an indoor kitt…