Okay, so “Blank Canvas” has been at Tanner Frames for a couple of weeks. It was really fun to pick it up and chat with Travis about the finished product. Whenever you can, shop local, y’all! (Incidentally, if you’ve made it this far, indeed need a frame, and happen to be local to the SLC area stop by Tanner Frame and mention that Bryan sent ya! They’ll give you 10% off your order. Win!)

When retrieving your beloved artwork, be sure to check out the piece at the shop. Pull it out and make sure it’s the frame stock you ordered. Make sure your piece is in great condition. Flip it over and check out the back. Is the paper added nicely? How is the hanging system? Is it sturdy and will result in the painting hanging in the right spot? Not too much give, not too little? If there are any obvious issues (which we certainly don’t anticipate), try to work with the framer on the spot to get it resolved. Every framer I’ve met thus far will try hard to get to know you and keep you as a repeat customer.



We’re excited to have the painting back home and a certain someone was even more excited that the frame we picked match her hair (to a tee, really, it was a cool coincidence!). And of course it’s now time for the grand finale!!








The new wall color is a warm mocha brown that is warm enough to not feel overpowered and “green” by the neighboring rosewood moldings. Adding in a cozy, comfy chair really beckons any visitors, “Come, relax and enjoy the art here!” This is a picture of the portrait during the daytime.






Later that evening we added in an artwork light (will adjust the height, etc. later on) to just get a feel for how the piece would look going forward. Success! We’ve really tied in this little nook with warm colors, accent lights, and cozy furniture.