The Daedalus Project is nearing completion!

I am leaving for Miami tomorrow morning to attend FACE (the Figuative Art Convention Expo), and am incredibly excited to be surrounded by so many incredibly talented figurative painters for a few days. But, with a ‘before-Christmas’ install deadline for the commission rapidly approaching, I’ve been pushing pretty hard to get to a point where I was comfortable taking some time off from the easel…and I think I’m there. In fact, once I get back the Studio next Monday, the only area of the painting that will still need color is the figure of Icarus and his flight harness. As of this afternoon, his wings and wee toga are finished.

Speaking of things that are finished, here is an image of Daedalus…also completed since my last post.

And, finally, a shot of the full painting in it’s current state of completion.

Once Icarus is finished, The painting will need some dry time, final approval of the client, and a light coat of varnish to bring the color depth back before a trip to the photographer and then the long drive to it’s new home.