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How is the artwork shipped?

Each print or original piece is carefully inspected, signed, and numbered before being professionally packaged by Bryan. Prints and posters are packaged in [...]

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Why is UPS charging me extra for shipping (Intl. Customers)?

Shipping charges for UPS are added to your bill automatically in our shopping cart. This is for the actual shipping of the item [...]

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How long does it take to ship my artwork order?

Orders are typically shipped within 5-7 business days of the completed purchase. You will receive a confirmation email of your order, and also [...]

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Where is my order?

Once a package is labeled for shipping, an email will be sent to you from UPS with instructions for tracking your package. Please [...]

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How do I unpack my painting/giclee/print?

Paintings are crated in heavy-duty cardboard boxes or sometimes in wooden crates, with screws. When opening, please handle with care and follow the [...]

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What if my giclee/print is damaged?

We are so sorry! Each print is inspected carefully before shipping, but bad things can happen en route! If your giclee or poster is [...]

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