Happy Friday!

It has been a busy, long, and productive week of work on the Daedalus Project…and now two and a half of the five figures are now in full color.

I’ll let a few images do the talking, except to say that I have painted this burgundy dress before, but without the benefit of an under-painting. The Alizarin Crimson Lake and Magenta pigments are both very transparent and weak, and I admit it was a real battle blending them smoothly into the folds and pleats of the dress. It was so much easier glazing them over the gray-scale under-painting and then dropping in a few highlights that I almost feel like I cheated. Hopefully I have as much luck glazing some color into the other figure’s dress, although I haven’t settled on a color yet. The costume the model is wearing is pink…far too ‘Disney Princess’ for my taste.

Here is a shot of the full painting:

And a detail shot of the burgundy dress:

I’ll be back with another update when all the non-Icarus figures are complete.