Imagine if you will, that like me, you grew up completely in love with the idea of rockets and space travel, but instead of growing up to be an astronaut (that centrifuge training looks pretty rough) you decided to pursue another passion and be an artist.  One day you open your twitter feed and, what’s this?!?  NASA is inviting artists to come to the Goddard Space Flight Center for a tour and a viewing of the James Webb Space Telescope, and then to hang out and paint?  That would be unbelievably cool, right?

Amazingly enough, that’s exactly what happened to me!

I have to admit, this sounds pretty awesome.  I don’t know if I’m exactly the social-media-star-artist-type they have in mind, and I don’t know if I can commit to hauling myself and my gear out to Maryland on such short notice, but I am really tempted.