Giclee is a term that was invented to describe the process of high-quality printing for art reproduction purposes. Giclees can have a canvas texture that looks similar to an artist’s painting, but it is smoother (i.e., 3-D brushstrokes are not visible on the surface). Many people love canvas giclees because of their texture and because they are much longer-lasting than paper.

Because of the texture of canvas giclees, we recommend that you not frame it under glass, but instead work with your local framer (or Framebridge – See How to get my giclee/print framed) to mount/stretch the giclee on either backing or stretcher-bar supports and pick a nice frame. Maintenance of the canvas giclee involves simply wiping dust away every so often with a DRY soft cloth.

Giclees can also be made on fine art paper. Ours has a smooth matte finish and a natural-white color, and also has excellent longevity.  These should be framed (including mats if you like) behind UV-filtering glass to protect the paper.

Oh yeah, and it’s pronounced zshee-clay, but you can call it by any name… we’re not art snobs!